6 Essential Books Every Adult Learner Should Read Right Now

The start of a new year is always an exciting time to reflect on the previous year and think about the highlights; it is also the perfect opportunity to set new goals as another chapter begins. As an avid reader, I am interested in finding books that either help me to understand a different viewpoint or offer valuable advice I can apply directly to my life. If you are a reader in search of a new title or someone that hasn't read something new in awhile, a new year is the perfect time to consider picking up a good book!

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Where to Find Free Nursing Research Articles and Resources

If you could pick a short phrase that describes the field of nursing, what would it be?

A true calling? Lifelong learning? Or, what did you get yourself into?

Whatever phrase you thought of, chances are ‘guessing game’ is definitely not one of them.

As a professional nurse, you read, interpret and evaluate information every day before you make a single decision or take any step. Whether you do that in a split second or spend hours in collaboration with other health team members, you know it’s because quality patient care is only as good as the existing evidence it comes from. Your role, then, is to identify the best evidence available and use your critical-thinking skills and clinical judgment to direct your practice. Simply put, the more reliable the information you get, the better the patient’s outcome.

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10 Critical Cybersecurity Challenges for 2017 and Beyond

Foursquare. Weebly. Democratic National Committee (DNC). Dyn DNS. The city of Chicago's road signs.

Those are just a handful of the notable cyberattacks that occurred during one week in October 2016.

This past year, the forces affecting cyber have only grown in sophistication, scope and frequency. Not a week goes by in the news cycle where we don't hear about another high-profile cyberattack. Perhaps, we've even become accustomed to such incidents. We brush off these assaults on our digital lives for the sake of what we believe is innovation, productivity and convenience. After all, when was the last time you physically walked into a bank? Or used an app to control some aspect of your home from afar? Today, online banking has become the norm, and our desire to fit the Internet of Things (IoT) into our daily lives has only grown. In 2017, there’s no question that the stakes will be higher than ever.

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7 Smart Strategies to Actually Get Homework Done During the Holidays

While most people consider the holidays “the most wonderful time of the year,” for some students, not so much. With families to care for, holiday parties to prepare for and gift shopping to finish in between, finding time to complete schoolwork may seem down right impossible. For students, the mounting stress of the holidays can result in late assignments, or, even worse, assignments never submitted at all.

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How to Cultivate the Ultimate Online Classroom Experience: Meet Edison Live!

If you’ve ever participated in a group project, you probably have pretty strong opinions about them. Perhaps you find working more closely in a team-oriented atmosphere refreshing. Or maybe, you find group projects can lead to frustration, especially when your classmates have different work schedules and preferences for varying technologies.

So for the online learner, how can group interaction and collaboration be easier to manage?

Thomas Edison State University has implemented Edison Live!, a tool designed to make collaboration in a virtual environment with both mentors and classmates a more engaging experience.

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The Internet of Things: Are We Ready?

We have been observing the evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT) for several years now. In fact, if you’ve ever worn a FitBit, used a voice recognition feature or connected your mobile phone to personal Wi-Fi, then you probably are unable to fathom everyday life without it.

If you are not familiar with the acronym IoT, it refers to the connectivity of modern chip enabled smart devices (things) that are being manufactured for everything from our homes to our work environments. In the near future, virtually all electronic devices will have 'connectivity.' So if it has a chip and access to the internet, it will have the capability to connect to all the other 'things' across the globe and share information. By some estimates, there will be 21 billion electronic devices connected to the internet by the end of the decade.

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How to 'Demilitarize:' 5 Tips for Service Members and Veterans Transitioning to Civilian Life

It may not be now, or in the near future, but that day will come. One day, you will leave the military. And when you separate, you’ll take the invaluable training, experience and confidence that the military instilled in you.

But will it be enough to transition into a competitive civilian job market?

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The Ultimate TESU Glossary: 97 Common Terms Explained for Students

Have you ever been confused by a term used at the University? Whether you are finishing your degree or coming to college for the first time, it may feel overwhelming when you don’t understand what is being communicated. After all, terms that may mean one thing at your first college may mean something different at Thomas Edison. 

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Top Trends in Cybersecurity: A New Generation of Security Threats


Last week, the east coast underwent a major internet outage that knocked out service to many high-traffic and high-profile websites including Amazon and Twitter. Preliminary reports indicate that the outage had all the earmarks of a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack by hackers as yet unidentified. This attack, close on the heels of the September Yahoo breach where approximately 500 million records were stolen, points out the ongoing problem that cyberattacks are not going away in the near future. In fact, they may be growing in their sophistication and intensity as hackers grow their trade.  

What, then, are the immediate issues that we should be concerned with? What trends are we seeing take shape for the future?

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Contract Cheating: What It Is and Why You Need to Care

As a college student, there are often times you may feel overwhelmed - whether it's studying for a major exam, researching and editing an engaging discussion forum post or simply balancing school work alongside working a full-time job, raising a family and multiple other responsibilities. It's important to remember that in college - as in life - cheating should never be an option.

In fact, did you know that in New Jersey, submitting a purchased essay, report or other written assignment to fulfill the requirements of a degree or course is punishable by up to a $1,000 penalty?

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