10 Things You DON’T Need For Admission Into An Undergraduate Program

We’ll let you in on a little secret: It’s not very difficult to apply to college! When you’ve made such an important decision as deciding to return to school, the process (and any paperwork) may seem a little confusing. But worry not! Here are the 10 things you might have thought you needed, but actually don’t to apply for admission to an undergraduate program at Thomas Edison State University. 

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Free Download: Graduate School Application Checklist

Applying to graduate school can take a lot of time. There are essays to write, transcripts to send and letters to request. Not to mention the qualifications required to even be considered for a program, before your application materials are even looked at.

How are you supposed to keep track of it all?

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The Essential Undergraduate Program Application Checklist

If you’re ready to apply, use this checklist to help you complete your Thomas Edison State University undergraduate program application from start to finish. Download it here, bookmark it or print it out so you can be sure that you’re not missing anything important on your journey to graduation. 

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The Secret to Earning a Second Degree

Students have frequently contacted me about pursuing a second degree, whether it is a second associates or bachelor’s degree. Perhaps they want to gain new skills and broaden their knowledge in two different fields. Other times, students are looking to make a career change and have identified that a second bachelor’s degree can help them in that goal. It’s important to assess which situation best fits your academic and professional goals, and decide if a second degree, second area of study or graduate degree is a better choice for you.

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Stark Notes: Now That You Have Applied, What’s Next?

Once you have submitted your Application for Admission and arranged to have your official transcripts sent to the University, or if you are newly enrolled, you may need some guidance on the next stages. Sometimes, just getting started can be the toughest part. So if you are unsure what to do after you apply or enroll, here's what to expect next. 

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