10 Tips You Need to Know to Get Quicker, Better Advising Help

When you first apply to college, the idea seems simple. You are ready to take the required classes, write papers, pass your exams and eventually earn a college degree. But then the anxiety sets in: What is this academic evaluation? How do I read it? What classes am I supposed to take? How do I register? General education courses – what are those???

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How to Get Maximum Transfer Credit When You Go Back to College


Think long and hard on how you would answer this question:

Would you take the same course twice, if you didn’t have to?

Hopefully, you answered no. Or, even better, answered no way!

Then why not get maximum transfer credit when you go back to college by applying a little extra effort?

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How PLA Courses Can Help You Earn Additional College Credit

Unsure if you possess enough knowledge to earn college credit? Think again.

Do you have a background playing the piano, or are you accomplished in another instrument like guitar or trumpet?

Do you teach pre-school or a daycare provider?

Do you have experience in the marketing or communications field?

Do you work in law enforcement in New Jersey or attended one of the police academies?

Do you have a business background in accounting, finance, management, marketing or another area of business?

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5 Questions to Ask Yourself if You Want to Go Back to School

We all have different reasons for wanting to return to college. Perhaps it is a personal fulfillment, a message of resilience and determination, or a means to reach that illustrious promotion. Regardless of the purpose, the end goal is the same: you want to earn your degree. You want to finish what you started or take your achievement to the next level.

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What Portfolio Assessment Can Do For You

What Portfolio Assessment Can Do For You

Close your eyes and picture a course that has no guide or textbook to help you study, because all the material you needed to know – you already knew. All the life and work experiences you needed to understand – you already did. There are no tests or quizzes, and at the end, you earn college credit…. Sounds like a dream course, a fantasy we all drum up when work, life and school blur together into one seemingly endless challenge.

Except it isn’t. This dream that you dare to dream, is really true; it exists and it’s real.

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Are You Right for Portfolio Assessment?


Attention writers, salespeople and creative types: I may have a method of earning college credit that fits your personality and skill set.

Students often ask, “Is portfolio assessment for me?” While we can answer that question, I want to turn that question around to help you determine, “Are you right for portfolio assessment?”

Portfolio assessment and prior learning assessment (PLA) may be the most nontraditional method of earning credit, even at nontraditional institutions. It is different than earning credit via a credit-by-exam program. So, what makes someone a good candidate for portfolio assessment?


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Can Your Real World Experience Earn You College Credit?


Prior learning assessment (PLA) is designed to help students gain college credit for knowledge gained through real life experiences. As a mentor for the University, when I consider that, I can't help but gravitate towards the many students that have had success through the music PLA credits they've earned while serving our country in the armed forces in locations throughout the world.

Many adult learners are actively engaged overseas and are at the same time demonstrating for me their music backgrounds and capabilities. I wish that more members of the armed forces bands knew that it is possible to gain college credit for what they already know!

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Is PLA Right for You?

Todd Siben

If you are like many adults, a significant amount of your life knowledge has been acquired through learning experiences that occurred outside of a classroom. Through the University’s Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) courses, you can use your college-level knowledge to earn the credit you deserve.

Because Prior Learning Assessments are such a unique method of earning credit, students often find the concept somewhat difficult to grasp. I'm going to simplify it for you and help you over the next hurdle!

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