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10 Things You DON’T Need For Admission Into An Undergraduate Program

We’ll let you in on a little secret: It’s not very difficult to apply to college! When you’ve made such an important decision as deciding to return to school, the process (and any paperwork) may seem a little confusing. But worry not! Here are the 10 things you might have thought you needed, but actually don’t to apply for admission to an undergraduate program at Thomas Edison State University. 

1. Pen and Paper

Gone are the days of printing your application, and no more fixing mistakes with whiteout! You can complete the University’s online application in steps, or all in one sitting, and apply on your own time.

2. SAT or ACT Scores

SAT or ACT scores are not required for undergraduate admission, so there’s no need to take the tests if you never have before.

3. Meeting an Application Deadline  

With open and rolling admission, you can apply and enroll anytime during the year; the University offers 12 terms.

4. Sending High School Transcripts

No matter how long ago you graduated, there’s no need to track down and send your high school transcripts, let alone remember what courses you took in high school!  

5. An Essay

Stumped on what to write for your application essay? No worries, it’s not even required.

6. Taking an Entrance or Placement Exam

Save the mounting stress of studying for something else. The University offers you the chance to select the courses you want, and can even suggest course recommendations. Ultimately, you decide. 

7. An Admissions Interview  

Interviews can be intimidating. Cross them off your to-do list.  

8. Letters of Recommendation

Requesting letters, then worrying about what they say, can be nerve wracking. Skip!

9. Academic Reports

Scratch any mid year and final grade reports; one poor grade won’t revoke your admission. Finally, the chance to start fresh!  

10. A Long Wait

Avoid anxiously awaiting months to find out if you were accepted; expect an answer within two weeks of submitting your application and any necessary supplemental documentation.  

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