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13 Apps For Your Inner-Business Mogul

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, starting an MBA program, collaborating on a group project or looking to develop stronger professional skills, having the right tools at your fingertips to effectively and efficiently conduct business will prepare you for whatever corporate curveballs are thrown your way. We’ve found 13 apps that are designed to help you monitor your finances, keep up with trends and conduct meetings with clients or classmates at a desk or on the go. Maybe these apps will bring out the inner-business mogul in you.

Forbes Magazine

This app is designed to help you stay up-to-date with the people, ideas and technologies that interest you. It is intended to help you track your portfolio and investments, monitor the market and, of course, read the lists of the most powerful people that influence industries around the world.

ScanBizCards Lite Business Card Scanner + Reader

Networking and business go hand-in-hand. From forming business relationships to setting up meetings, networking the right way can expand your business circle for optimal success. Next time you make an important business connection, scan their business card with the tap of a screen, and a new contact is created in your device instantly.

CareerBuilder for Employers

Finding the right employees can be a challenge. Reading resumes, arranging interviews and conducting searches can become time consuming. CareerBuilder for Employers allows you to view resumes and connect with candidates from virtually anywhere, through your existing CareerBuilder account.


LinkedIn has become the source for networking with the brightest and most talented professionals. Access the connections, jobs, news, updates and insights to remain productive and efficient on the go.


Printing, signing and returning documents is not only time-consuming – it can also be a headache. Easily sign and send documents electronically in just minutes to manage critical business transactions whether at home or on the road. Most importantly, DocuSign is safe, secure and legally binding.

Skype for iPhone

Call, see and message clients and associates around the world, with whatever device you choose. The app includes all the features of the desktop version, including file sharing and instant messaging. Conduct a meeting in real time with several colleagues, from the comfort of wherever you choose to be.

Invoice2go Plus

A bulky accounting program can make invoicing and reporting a tedious process, but the Invoice2go Plus app aims to remove those time-consuming and costly barriers. Invoice, evaluate estimates and submit purchase orders, all synched to the cloud for easy retrieval.

Inc. Magazine

Inc. Magazine has become a thought leader for entrepreneurs and small business owners to build and grow their companies. The app provides you the information, resources and strategies you need to lead your budding organization.

NYTimes - Breaking National & World News

Naturally, the New York Times is synonymous with award-winning journalism, and their iconic newspaper translates seamlessly to a digital app. Read the latest news and cultural content from their 50 bureaus around the world, and receive breaking news notifications for events as soon as they occur.


The Bloomberg app offers comprehensive access to finance news, market data and portfolio tracking tools for your personal holdings in a detailed format that is most important to you. Listen to interviews with some of the world’s smartest names in business, and watch real-time video of the 24-hour financial news network, Bloomberg Television Live.


Join or schedule a meeting, presentation or lecture from any mobile device, directly from the app. Easily view and share reports, spreadsheets or documents for group assignments or client projects.


Access your photos, documents and videos from any device in the Dropbox cloud. Share your biggest and most critical business files instantly without the hassle of accessing a remote hard drive. And with a safe and secure encryption, you can work with your team and update key files like you’re using single computer.

What apps have you found useful as you conduct business on the go?

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