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15 Must Have Back-to-School Supplies for Adult Students

Kids don’t have to be the only ones enjoying the perks of school-shopping season. Whether you took the summer off, began a new degree program or just want to share in the back-to-school mood for another term, adult students can grab these college basics sure to improve focus and make the grade.  

1. Textbooks


It’s going to be pretty difficult to study without them. Get yours early so you don’t miss out on any key readings and course discussions.


2. Planner/Calendar/Agenda

Planner and calendar

Whether you go digital or “old school,” keep up with assignment deadlines and due dates.


3. A Reliable Computer and Internet Connection


Make sure you can access the programs and documents required for your courses without any issues.


4. Notebooks/Binders
Notebooks and binders

Organize your notes and jot down genius ideas. 


5. Library Card

New Jersey State Library Card

For those times you need to find scholarly resources (translation, ALL THE TIME). A NJ State Library card is free for Thomas Edison State University students. Get yours here.


6. Labels


There is no such thing as too much organization.



7. File folders

file folders

A place for everything and everything in its place.



8. Pens/Pencils/Highlighters

pens pencils and highlighers

Back-to-school necessities no matter how old you are.


9. Flash Drive
flash drive

Keep your schoolwork with you at work, home and travel. 


10. Calculator


A must for any math, scientific or business courses.


11. Healthy Snacks

Oatmeal and berry breakfast

Eat smart to boost your brainpower.


12. Sticky Notes
Post it notes

How you choose to use them is up to you.


13. Book Bag

Carry your laptop and schoolbooks with you for times when you may have a few moments to spare.


14. Coffee

heartshaped lattes

There will be late nights and early mornings.


15. A Support System

smiling family

To help you through the times when you want to give up, and be your cheering section at commencement.

What other back-to-school supplies are a must for you?

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