Kay Howard By Kay Howard • December 12, 2014

5 Resources To Help Students Find Feedback On Mentors

Selecting which courses to take may have been the easy part. Now comes an even harder decision - which mentor do you choose to take the class with? Which one will be the most helpful? Clear? But how are you supposed to figure all that out without interviewing every single one?

Of course, there’s no such thing as an easy mentor. However, if you complete the course work on time, participate regularly, and study and work hard, you’ll excel in any class. Regardless of which mentor you take, you’ll share with them the same goals - to see you succeed in the course. But if you’re still looking for more feedback, here are five helpful (if subjective) places you can use to research mentors and make a decision you feel comfortable with.


Rate My Professors offers peer perspectives and inside looks at the mentors and courses former students have taken at the University. Mentors are reviewed based upon the site’s “ranking methodology,” allowing students to score a mentor’s helpfulness, clarity and easiness, as well as post open comments. 

myEdison® Student Discussion Board

The Student Discussion Board and Textbook Swap, located in the myEdison® portal, is an open forum you can use to share course and mentor experiences, post questions, or ask for advice from fellow students.


Many of the University’s mentors are professors at other institutions, or experts in their respective fields. To find out more about them, a simple Google search can reveal their academic and professional backgrounds. While this method may require a few more steps than other tactics, you may be able to find a mentor that can help you not just with your academic career, but your professional one too.


The University’s Student and Alumni Group (over 4,000 strong!) on LinkedIn is an open, professional discussion board that enables you to connect with fellow students and alumni. Not only can you read comments regarding courses and mentors, you can also review job postings, share your achievements or ask for career advice.  


InstantCert’s Degree Forum is an open discussion board specifically for distance learning topics. You can find study tips, search topics and read posts easily, and if you want to become a member to post your own questions or start a thread, registration is free. 

Constructive mentor feedback can help improve course interactions, both for you and future students. So at the end of your course, don’t forget to fill out the confidential course evaluation survey and offer your feedback about the class and mentor. While the results of these surveys are not made public, they will be used to help future students make their own course decisions, just like you.

Where else do you go to find feedback about your mentors? Have any of these websites been helpful to you?

Kay Howard

Written by Kay Howard

Kay Howard is a senior counselor in the Office of Admissions and Enrollment Services and joined the University in 2012. She earned a master's degree from Drexel University and a bachelor's degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University. She is currently writing her life story/autobiography, which anyone can check out once it becomes a New York Times best seller or a major motion picture. Connect with her via email at khoward@tesu.edu. 

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