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Edison Sound Stage Episode 13: An Insider's Guide to Job Hunting [Podcast & Vlog]

Are you feeling stuck in your job search? Are you submitting resume after resume but not getting the results you hoped for? Or has it been a long time since your last job search, and you don’t know where to begin in today’s landscape?

It can be challenging to stand out in today’s competitive job market. But it doesn’t have to be.

Ceceilia "Ceil" M. O'Callaghan, director of TESU's Office of Career Development, and guest co-presenter Caitlin Heymann, vice president and recruiting manager at Robert Half International, join the Edison Soundstage podcast to discuss the many job-hunting strategies available to job seekers, the right way to approach online job boards and the power of informational interviews with practical tips on how to make the most of these meetings.


When it comes to finding a job, networking is undoubtedly an essential strategy for building connections and discovering opportunities. Start with your own personal network. When you let everyone know you’re looking, what you’re looking for and what your parameters are, you may be surprised by the connections people have. The people you know personally are invested in you, they’re the first people willing to go out and navigate for you, so do not underestimate your personal network.

Afterwards, expand out to other people and networks, including professional associations at national, state and local levels. They can be excellent resources for your job search as you get access to membership lists and discover people with similar interests. These associations often post job openings and are often the first websites where people in similar fields post these openings. As an adult student, many of these organizations may waive or reduce your membership fee.

Meanwhile, never underestimate the power of informational interviews and third-party recruiters. These meetings with professionals in your field can provide valuable insights into the job market and help you build connections that could lead to future job opportunities. Credible recruiters represent you in the best light and advocate for you while asking tough questions and sharing feedback during your job search.

You can reach out to a recruiter for an informational interview at any time, not just when a particular position or job opportunity comes up. Like networking, reach out to recruiter or firm to discuss your experiences and what you are looking for in an opportunity. Once you have that initial conversation, you can always loop back in with that recruiter and adjust your job search moving forward.

Most importantly, in today’s competitive job market, don’t get discouraged during your search. If you need to take a break and start fresh the next day, do it. Just take it one day at a time.


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