Thomas Edison State University By Thomas Edison State University • November 1, 2023

Edison Sound Stage Episode 15: Navigating the Changing Landscape in Educational Leadership [Podcast]

Today's schools are evolving at a pace unprecedented in history, shaped by forces distinct from those just a decade ago and forever altered by the recent global pandemic. Joining us on the Edison Sound Stage podcast, Dr. Scott Rocco, the New Jersey Association of School Administrators 2022 Superintendent of the Year and superintendent of Schools for Hamilton Township School District, tackles some of the big questions about what it means to be an educational leader or administrator today, sharing fresh perspectives about emerging issues, school law, visionary leadership and the importance of diversity and inclusion in schools.

Episode Highlights

In episode 15 of Edison Sound Stage, Dr. Rocco draws upon his extensive experience leading school districts to underscore the importance of having a student-focused vision as an educational leader and surrounding yourself with a strong team that will give honest feedback. Critically, he notes, leaders need to continue learning, get out of their offices and make connections within their schools and communities.

With the recent revisions made to Thomas Edison State University's Master of Arts in Educational Leadership program to include contemporary issues and new professional standards, Dr. Rocco talks about his contributions as a subject-matter expert in school law and how the course will allow students to gain practical knowledge on applying legal principles as school leaders. Looking ahead, he highlights pressing legal issues facing schools today, especially around student social media use and cyberbullying, emphasizing that educational leaders must stay current on evolving case law in these areas.



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