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Edison Sound Stage Episode 6: Challenges to Today’s Volunteer Fire Services [Podcast & Vlog]

In the sixth episode of TESU's Edison Sound Stage Podcast, watch or listen below as Christopher Schultz, Assistant Dean, Heavin School of Arts, Sciences, and Technology, discusses issues of recruitment and retention of fire service volunteers as communities change with guest, William F. Jenaway, Ph.D. 

During the discussion, Jenaway references two documents pertaining to his role as author of the "Recruitment and Retention Tip of the Month." Learn more about Recruiting and Retaining Volunteers in the 21st Century here and Recruiting and Retaining Volunteers in the 21st Century…Continued, here.

William F. Jenaway, Ph.D.

Jenaway is the chair of the TESU John S. Watson School of Public Service, Curriculum Committee. He is a 12-year incumbent municipal elected official, served as a fire chief in two communities, and counseled fire and EMS around the U.S. A former International Association of Fire Chiefs - Volunteer Fire Chief of the Year, he also serves as President of the Congressional Fire Service Institute and manages the Pennsylvania Firemen's Association Recruitment and Retention Grant program. As a long-time collegiate educator, established author and lecturer, he is the author of the monthly "Recruitment and Retention Tip of the Month" in Pennsylvania Firemen magazine.


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