Heather Russino By Heather Russino • October 17, 2017

Moodle Gets a Makeover!

If you haven’t heard the latest – Moodle is getting a makeover!

That’s right, Moodle, our Learning Management System (LMS) is getting a facelift of sorts to improve the user experience. Moodle’s fresh, modern look incorporates several enhancements, making it more user friendly and content-focused to allow you to navigate your course space with greater ease.

What Changes Are Coming to Moodle?

The Moodle updates are part of a new theme called Boost. This theme gives you more flexibility to navigate within and between your courses and activities. Open and close the left side panel with links to essential course elements such as grades, media, calendars and other courses. Show all your course modules at once or view them individually by collapsing or expanding your view in the center column, or toggle between modules in the left navigation panel. Overall, the new look frees up more screen space by streamlining the setting options. Plus, less blocks!

And, even better, Boost is mobile friendly! With the new theme, Moodle is easier to use on your smartphones and tablets than in the previous version (finally!).  

We’re also relaunching the Edison Create platform which will continue to house videos that provide information and guidance, including course trailers, how-to’s, help and tutorial videos. The upgrades to Moodle and the new Edison Create are expected to launch in late October 2017.

Take a sneak peek at this short video that highlights some of the new features available with the Moodle Boost theme. And, as always, stay tuned for upcoming posts about new technology at TESU!  


Written by Heather Russino

Heather Russino is an instructional designer at the Center for Learning and Technology. A Columbia University graduate and educator for nearly 20 years, she began her career as a classroom teacher before moving to higher education as an adjunct professor. She is an established, professional blogger since 2009 and enjoys writing about her areas of expertise in teaching, learning and course design – integrating content, pedagogy and technology.

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