Dr. Michael Williams By Dr. Michael Williams • July 17, 2019

Careers, Growth and Transformation: The DBA Degree and Enabling Your Future Today

The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree enables personal and professional growth. The degree can be transformative, enabling those who’ve earned it to occupy leadership positions in industry, higher education and consultancy. If the degree uses a scholar-practitioner curriculum design, the interplay between theory informing practice and practice informing theory provides a competitive advantage more thoroughly integrating what students learn and how the learning is applied in the workplace.

The 21st century global market offers unprecedented career opportunities. As the world-of-work evolves, traditional job designs and organizational structure are rapidly morphing, resulting in the need for highly educated executives skilled in leading and managing organizations and their members through the tumultuous and discontinuous change that is characteristic of the first decades of this millennium. 

Acquiring the adaptive and adoptive knowledge, competencies and skills necessary to compete and succeed in contemporary global markets are frequently found in doctoral degree programs. For business and management professionals, the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is often the degree-of-choice. Professionals earning the DBA degree will be prepared to fill or create their next occupational role. The intentionality, discipline and capabilities necessary to earn the DBA are a powerful professional differentiators enabling occupational competitive advantage.

Occupations aligned with earning the Thomas Edison State University DBA degree:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Human Resource Officer
  • Vice President of Organizational Development
  • Vice President of Training and Development
  • Chief Human Capital Officer
  • Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • Dean and/or Professor in Higher Education
  • Lead Consultant of Change Management
  • Entrepreneur

Enable personal and professional growth…earn the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree.

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Dr. Michael Williams

Written by Dr. Michael Williams

Michael Williams, Ph.D., MBA, is dean of the School of Business and Management. He is a seasoned educational and executive leader recognized for solving complex administrative, financial and operational issues. Dr. Williams has held senior academic leadership positions in public, private, and proprietary universities and executive education and business development roles in the financial services and information technology industries. Dr. Williams is a New England Conservatory President's Council member, manages an active international publishing and presenting schedule, and leads Psychology Practices Solutions, a global consultancy specializing in business development and high-performance coaching solutions. He earned a doctoral degree and master's degree from Fordham University, a master's degree from Rutgers University, an MBA from DeVry University and a master's degree from Touro College.

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