Dr. Michael Williams By Dr. Michael Williams • September 20, 2019

The Doctor of Business Administration Degree: The End of the Beginning

For many professionals, earning a business or management focused master’s degree is a career defining educational achievement. These degrees, such as the Master of Business Administration (MBA) or discipline-specific, the Master of Science in Management (MSM), are emblematic of acquiring graduate-level knowledge, competencies and skills in general business. However, earning a master’s degree can also be viewed as a beginning, not an ending of an advanced graduate educational journey.

To continue an educational journey, consider earning the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree. Acquiring the DBA degree is a key professional differentiator. It positions you in a rarified category of professionals who’ve distinguished themselves as scholar-practitioners equipped to address the complex institutional issues confronting 21st century global business.

Consider the following professional and career advantages associated with earning the DBA degree:

  • Professional Distinction - The DBA is an indicia of career distinction. It is evidence of your commitment to educational and professional excellence.
  • Career Advancement - The DBA provides advanced business, management and associated knowledge, competencies and skills enabling workplace preparation and career advancement.
  • Professional Communities - The DBA degree provides access to scholarly and professional communities that may only be accessible to those holding the credential.
  • Personal Development - For many, the doctoral experience is life changing. The integration of course content, collective learning and expert mentorship are a powerful formula for personal change and transformation.

Consider making the DBA degree your next professional development endeavor. Concerning beginnings and endings…, as Winston Churchill offered, “This is not the end nor is it the beginning of the end, but perhaps it is the end of the beginning.” Enroll in School of Business and Management’s Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree as a first step…the beginning of creating your future today!

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Dr. Michael Williams

Written by Dr. Michael Williams

Michael Williams, Ph.D., MBA, is dean of the School of Business and Management. He is a seasoned educational and executive leader recognized for solving complex administrative, financial and operational issues. Dr. Williams has held senior academic leadership positions in public, private, and proprietary universities and executive education and business development roles in the financial services and information technology industries. Dr. Williams is a New England Conservatory President's Council member, manages an active international publishing and presenting schedule, and leads Psychology Practices Solutions, a global consultancy specializing in business development and high-performance coaching solutions. He earned a doctoral degree and master's degree from Fordham University, a master's degree from Rutgers University, an MBA from DeVry University and a master's degree from Touro College.

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