4 Tips to Help You Prepare for Credit-by-Exam Programs


While I can't help you study, I can give you some practical advice to help you take tests.

If you already have some prior knowledge in any of the subjects offered at the University, these study tips should come in handy. Naturally, these tips apply to all tests and credit-by-exam programs, including common ones like the College-Level Exam Program (CLEP) and our own TECEP®.

Best of all, you don't need to learn any complicated techniques, because most test-taking tips are not rocket science - they're plain old common sense.

So here are my top four test-taking tips that I hope will prove useful in preparing for your next exam.

1. Don't Cram for an Exam

Cramming for a test is not as effective as following a consistent study schedule. You will retain more information for a longer period of time if you schedule several shorter study sessions during the days before the test. Of course, if you haven't studied and your test is tomorrow, then you may have no other option than to start cramming.


2. Do Study Out of Sequence

Jump around while you study instead of studing the material in sequence from beginning to end. If you study "out of order" you are more likely to remember the information. Many tests randomize the order of the questions so if you learn the material in sequence, it will be harder for you to recall it during the test.


3. Don't Answer Your Phone

While you are studying, try to ignore all things digital, like your phone, unless you are using a device to study. Digital distractions - even very brief ones - diminish information retention and recall.


4. Do Review the Material at Opportune Times

Review difficult material before bedtime (not if you're exhausted!), then get a good night's sleep. Your brain will process the information overnight.


What are some of your exam tips?

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