How to Conduct College-Level Research [Infographic]

Are you new to academic research? Haven't used a research library in five, 10 or 20 years? Received your first written course assignment and unsure where to begin?

Research is not a complicated process. There are many resources, services and online tools available to help students, like you, find books, journals, databases and other research materials necessary to begin writing. Librarians can help you track down difficult-to-find items in print or electronic collections and assist with research.

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Top 7 Discussion Board DO's and DON'Ts [Infographic]

As the dynamic feature of online courses, discussion boards provide for vibrant engagement between classmates and mentors. You’ll find your interactions to be lively and thoughtful—like actually being in a classroom together.

However, just as in a traditional classroom, professional etiquette still applies. In an online atmosphere, what you post is a reflection of who you are. Everyone is trying to learn, so understanding the DO’s & DON’Ts of discussion boards will help you avoid unprofessional pitfalls that can hinder the learning process of the entire class, and most importantly, you.

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