Alumni, Alumnae, Alumnus, Alumna: What’s the Difference? [Infographic]

Blame it on the English language.

Not only is it filled with complex grammar, vocabulary and spelling rules and exceptions, but it also has a habit of importing words from other languages.

Because of their Latin origins, traditional words for graduates like alumni, alumnae, alumnus and alumna are often misused by English speakers unfamiliar with the rules of this classical language. These nouns retain their Latin roots and change depending on gender and number.  

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9 Seemingly Innocuous Things That May Prevent You From Graduating

Congratulations! You have worked hard to earn your degree, and now nothing will stop you from having that diploma in hand.

But are you sure?

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The What, Why and How of Honor Cords at Commencement [Infographic]

Graduating from college is an incredible achievement. In recognition of this accomplishment, the commencement ceremony is a graduate’s day of celebration, the culmination of hard work and determination with every stride across the stage. Long a tradition at commencement, honor cords are worn for the ceremony, with each color recognizing the wearer as a recipient of a significant achievement or award. But what are these colors? What do they signify? And why do they mean anything at Thomas Edison State University? These questions, and more, are explained, in this honor cord infographic.

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