7 Essential Online Student Resources to Ease Your Schoolwork Pains

When you have multiple papers and projects due, research topics to brainstorm and exams to study for, time management, or actually finding any time at all, can be a real challenge. How can you keep up with all your assignments, avoid distractions and stay focused?

To increase your productivity and concentration, there are a collection of resources available to you as a Thomas Edison State University student. From 24/7 tutoring to citation shortcuts, use these tools to make your school life easier and get the job done in the time you do have.

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9 Deadly Habits Adult Students Should Avoid

While there are an infinite number of strategies and tactics that can drive a student’s success, there are only a handful of reasons that may lead a student to crash in failure. But those reasons are MAJOR. And, oftentimes, hard to avoid. But not impossible.

By understanding the pitfalls that often plague students, you can better prepare for your own college success. Whether you are just learning how to navigate a work/life balance, or searching for a reason why going back to college as an adult is so much harder than you thought it would be, kick these 9 habits to the curb and give yourself a degree tune-up.

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7 Easy Time Management Hacks to Start Doing Today

"There is a time for everything," Thomas Edison once said.

Sure, easy for him to say. He was the poster boy for productivity. But things have certainly changed since Edison’s time. Our daily distractions have doubled, even tripled in the past 100 years. Text messages, emails and screeching calls of “Mom!” seem to follow you wherever you go. You have an official second job running “Dad’s Taxi Service” to soccer practices, music lessons and play dates. Your boss expects an update on the latest project - and it’s 2 a.m. Then, your paper is due tomorrow, and there’s a test next week, but you have to share that hilarious Facebook post with your cousin in Oklahoma first…

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How to Ensure You’re Prepared for Your First Online Course

Did you choose your college?
That was a no-brainer.

Did you apply for admission?
Way ahead of you.

Did you enroll?
Easy peasy.

Did you register for your classes?
Ready to go, go, go!

Did you prepare for your first online course?
Wait – that’s a thing???

It is natural to be unsure about your first online course or unfamiliar with the expectations required of you. If you’ve only taken traditional classes in the past, the transformation to an online format can be challenging. While they are ideal interactive environments to learn if you are constrained by time and place, online courses do require time, effort and preparation to succeed.

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7 Foods that Boost Your Brain Power to Study Better

From childhood, you've listened to your parents drone on about eating your vegetables, grimacing as spinach, broccoli and/or Brussels sprouts was piled onto your plate. Cringing with each bite, wishing it was ice cream and candy. Yet, as you've grown older, you've learned that eating those (maybe not-so yucky anymore) vegetables will make you big and strong afterall. Science has determined which foods improve bone health, skin and more, and the brain is no different.

For many of us, we are sometimes so focused on changing or shaping our bodies that we forget to cater to the muscle that keeps us going. So whether you are consumed with studying, writing papers, or, if you are lucky, relaxing, try eating these seven foods proven to boost your brain power.

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