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5 Quick Facts You Didn't Know About Taking TECEP® Exams Online

Most students are aware that successfully passing a TECEP® exam offers college credit without taking a single course, especially those who want to earn credit faster. But many students are often worried that they lack the specific subject knowledge or test-taking skills necessary to succeed and do not take advantage of these exams - even when they do possess the critical knowledge and experience to successfully pass and earn credit.

So if you are unsure whether taking a TECEP® exam is right for you, here are five quick facts you may not know about to help ease your fears about taking these credit by exam programs online. 

1. TECEP® grades do not affect your GPA.

You do not receive a letter grade for passing a TECEP® exam. Grades are recorded as either CR (Credit) or NC (No Credit), and your official transcript will only reflect the exams you have successfully completed. In case you are wondering, the minimum score required to earn credit is the equivalent to a letter grade of C. So even if you earn the lowest possible score to pass, you can still earn credit. Since your GPA will not be affected, it can be less stressful to take a TECEP® exam than trying to ace it.

2. You can schedule your exam anytime.

The University’s online proctoring service, ProctorU, enables you to take your exam from your home computer. Take your test late at night or early in the morning – even at 4 a.m. To take advantage of the online proctoring service, you will need a webcam, a computer with microphone and speakers, and a reliable high-speed Internet connection. If you have any questions about testing, email the Office of Test Administration at 

3. You receive an instant unofficial score.

After you finish an exam, your unofficial score for the multiple-choice portion of your test will populate on the screen immediately. You final test score, which combines multiple-choice and essay responses, will be posted in your online student services account approximately one week after you complete your test.

4. You get a second chance.

If you do not pass with the minimum score equivalent to a letter grade of C, you can register for the test again in a future term after paying the registration fee. 

5. There are plenty of free resources available to prepare.

There are a number of free resources and test prep materials available online to help you prepare for a TECEP®. Many of these study tools are open educational resources (OER) like ebooks, videos, open online courses and other activities created to help increase knowledge at no cost. We have developed a list of these free test prep materials and resources for each exam so you can customize your own study guide and better prepare. 

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