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8 Top Scholarship Ideas for Nursing Students

You know that earning a BSN degree is a priority for your career. You’re sure you can do it, but can you afford nursing school?

If your budget is holding you back from advancing your career, fear not! There are plenty of recognized scholarships out there specifically for nurses going back to school. So to add to the W. Cary Edwards School of Nursing list of scholarships, here are eight more scholarship ideas for nursing students to consider applying for.

1. ENA Foundation

The ENA Foundation has awarded over $2 million dollars in the past 22 years to students pursuing RN to BSN programs in emergency nursing. These scholarships and grants are offered to nursing students who generally do not receive funding from their hospitals to support their education.

2. National Society Daughters of the American Revolution

Applicants need not be members of DAR to apply for the organization’s nursing scholarships. However, students must be enrolled in an accredited nursing program to be eligible.

3. Johnson & Johnson

Through its “Campaign for Nursing’s Future,” Johnson & Johnson’s website offers over 369 scholarships on the national and state level, broken down by program. 

4. A Nurse I Am

Begun as a grant for an Emmy-Award winning director to encourage nurses to remain in the profession, Cherokee Uniforms created the “A Nurse I Am” film scholarship program. Winners are selected based upon the essays they write in response to the inspirational nurses’ film, which features realistic nurse-patient interactions and candid interviews about the lives of nurses.

5. Tylenol Future Care Scholarship

For over 25 years, the makers of TYLENOL® have awarded over $8 million dollars in scholarships to well deserving students pursuing careers in healthcare. Applicants are asked to write two, 500-word essays demonstrating leadership, academic excellence and dedication to their career.

6. Cappex Nursing/ Nurse Scholarships

Cappex is a scholarship search engine that identifies thousands of scholarship opportunities that match your personalized profile, with over 50 types of scholarships dedicated to the profession. Besides listing eligibility requirements, Cappex also provides insight into the size of the applicant pool, how easy it is to apply and how long the application process takes. 

7. NURSE Corps Scholarship Program

To help alleviate the shortage of nurses in critical areas, this U.S. Government scholarship offers nursing students funding for their studies in exchange for working in certain health care facilities after graduation for two years. Scholarship recipients work at these facilities for at least two years, while enjoying a salary and benefits as any new hire.

8. Sigma Theta Tau International

An honor society for the nursing profession, Sigma Theta Tau International promotes the leadership and academic achievements of nurses pursuing a BSN degree. The society lists several outside nursing scholarship opportunities on their website, and applicants need not be members to apply.

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