The Ultimate TESU Glossary: 97 Common Terms Explained for Students

Have you ever been confused by a term used at the University? Whether you are finishing your degree or coming to college for the first time, it may feel overwhelming when you don’t understand what is being communicated. After all, terms that may mean one thing at your first college may mean something different at Thomas Edison. 

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The One Thing That Could Affect Your Eligibility for Financial Aid

Once you make it back to college, the last thing you need is another obstacle or unnecessary surprise on your way to a degree - especially when it comes to financial aid.

Unfortunately, most students forget to pay attention to one major thing when it comes to federal student aid, and it’s a costly and time-consuming mistake that often impacts their eligibility.

To be considered eligible for federal financial aid funds, students are expected to participate and fully engage in all academically related activities. But what is considered an “academically related activity?”

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6 Secrets to Submitting a Solid Nursing Scholarship Application

woman wearing nursing scrubs writing on a tablet

A good book grabs your attention in the first page and leaves you wanting more. But if you were presented with hundreds of books, and could only choose one, you would pick the one that grabbed you immediately, right?

This is the same dilemma many scholarship judges face when making their way through piles of nursing scholarship applications.

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Strange and Unique College Scholarships Worth Applying For


Remember applying for scholarships that included stringent requirements based upon test scores, grades, introspective essays or some other academic achievements?

These requirements are much different.

There are countless offbeat and unusual scholarships out there that award serious cash to students with unique talents, hobbies or interests. Whether you are a passionate Star Trek fan, a walking encyclopedia of knowledge or you have a gift for designing greeting cards, you could qualify for more college funding than you think.

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Financial Aid: Myth vs. Fact

Each year, the U.S. Department of Education makes available more than $150 billion in federal financial aid, and processes approximately 22 million Free Applications for Federal Student Aid (also known as the FAFSA). For the 15 million students who accept it, financial assistance makes it possible for them to go to school. With a staff of roughly 1,200 in the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Federal Student Aid, that’s a lot of paperwork. And where there’s a lot of paperwork, there's potential for a lot of confusion.

So to clear these misconceptions and set the record straight, here are the nine most common financial aid myths it’s time to stop believing. 

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Top 9 Scholarship Ideas for Nursing Students

You know that earning a BSN degree is a priority for your career. You’re sure you can do it, but can you afford nursing school?

If your budget is holding you back from advancing your career, fear not! There are plenty of recognized scholarships out there specifically for nurses going back to school. So to add to the W. Cary Edwards School of Nursing list of scholarships, here are nine more scholarship ideas for nursing students to consider applying for.

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After the FAFSA, Now What? How The College Financial Aid Process Works

So you clicked submit, and… now what? After spending almost half an hour filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, (FAFSA), you’ve sent your application off to find out how many scholarships and financial aid awards you will get for college. And now, you wait. But why? Where does it go? Who actually sees the information? How long will it take to hear from someone? So many questions! 

If you’ve ever wondered what happens after submitting your FAFSA, you’re not alone. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how your FAFSA is processed, calculated and awarded.

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The Ultimate List of Military and Veteran Scholarships and Financial Aid

Whether its preparing for a civilian career, frequent deployments, advancing your rank, earning your degree while serving your country, figuring out your GI Bill benefits or navigating the challenges of having a family member on active duty…there’s a lot to handle if you are a member of the United States military, a military spouse or veteran. This leaves you little or no time to identify scholarships or financial assistance.

Getting the financial aid you deserve can prove tricky to find, but there are an increasing number of scholarship opportunities and support available to service members, veterans and their families. For instance, did you know there are scholarships available for grandchildren of military members? Even specialized scholarships for each branch of the United States military?

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