Thomas Edison State University By Thomas Edison State University • July 12, 2016

The One Thing That Could Affect Your Eligibility for Financial Aid

Once you make it back to college, the last thing you need is another obstacle or unnecessary surprise on your way to a degree - especially when it comes to financial aid.

Unfortunately, most students forget to pay attention to one major thing when it comes to federal student aid, and it’s a costly and time-consuming mistake that often impacts their eligibility.

To be considered eligible for federal financial aid funds, students are expected to participate and fully engage in all academically related activities. But what is considered an “academically related activity?”

Calculate the estimated cost of completing your undergraduate degree at Thomas  Edison State University with our simple online calculator.

Course engagement is the best way to stay eligible. To understand what constitutes course engagement and how it relates to your eligibility of federal student aid, check out the infographic below. Then learn what you can do to ensure you keep receiving the financial aid you need to complete your degree.  

Thomas Edison State University Eligibility of Federal Financial Aid

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