Want to Earn PLA Credit for a Communications Course? Read This First

By the time most adults are in their 30’s, they have probably spent a good amount of time actively engaged in interpersonal communications. This could include:

  • Personal interactions with teachers, clergy, family members
  • Negotiating with real estate brokers, auto dealers and service technicians, insurance agents and customer service reps
  • Participating in decision-making with co-workers, colleagues or members of community has made them adept communicators

So, does experiencing these interactions mean that most adult students should be awarded prior learning assessment (PLA) credit for the University’s General Education course, Interpersonal Communications (COM-330)?

Quite honestly, no.

Topics: Prior Learning Assessment, Portfolio Assessment

What is in a PLA Portfolio?


Documenting everything you know on a subject or topic seems… an overwhelming task, right?


The truth is, prior learning assessment (PLA) is one of the most rewarding ways to earn credits because it acknowledges and validates the knowledge you have already gained in your lifetime. This is knowledge you already have – whether through work, the military, hobbies, or some kind of training – so there is no textbook or studying required. 

Topics: Prior Learning Assessment, Portfolio Assessment

How PLA Courses Can Help You Earn Additional College Credit

Unsure if you possess enough knowledge to earn college credit? Think again.

Do you have a background playing the piano, or are you accomplished in another instrument like guitar or trumpet?

Do you teach pre-school or a daycare provider?

Do you have experience in the marketing or communications field?

Do you work in law enforcement in New Jersey or attended one of the police academies?

Do you have a business background in accounting, finance, management, marketing or another area of business?

Topics: Prior Learning Assessment, Portfolio Assessment

What Portfolio Assessment Can Do For You

Close your eyes and picture a course that has no guide or textbook to help you study, because all the material you needed to know – you already knew. All the life and work experiences you needed to understand – you already did. There are no tests or quizzes, and at the end, you earn college credit…. Sounds like a dream course, a fantasy we all drum up when work, life and school blur together into one seemingly endless challenge.

Except it isn’t. This dream that you dare to dream, is really true; it exists and it’s real.

Topics: Prior Learning Assessment, Portfolio Assessment

Are You Right for Portfolio Assessment?


Attention writers, salespeople and creative types: I may have a method of earning college credit that fits your personality and skill set.

Students often ask, “Is portfolio assessment for me?” While I can answer that question, I want to turn that question around to help you determine, “Are you right for portfolio assessment?”

Portfolio assessment, a method of prior learning assessment (PLA), may be the most nontraditional method of earning credit, even at nontraditional institutions. It is different than earning credit via a credit-by-exam program. So, what makes someone a good candidate for portfolio assessment?


Topics: Prior Learning Assessment, Portfolio Assessment

Is Prior Learning Assessment Right for You?


If you are like many adults, a significant amount of your life knowledge has been acquired through learning experiences that occurred outside of a classroom. Through the University’s prior learning assessment (PLA), you can use your college-level knowledge to earn the credit you deserve.

Because prior learning assessment is such a unique method of earning credit, students often find the concept somewhat difficult to grasp. I'm going to simplify it for you and help you over the next hurdle!

Topics: Prior Learning Assessment, Portfolio Assessment