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What to Do If You Miss a Midterm, Final or TECEP® Exam

It is every student’s worst nightmare. Late nights and early mornings spent studying, or reading the textbook cover to cover. But then, something happened. Life got in the way. Perhaps a major project at work tied you up, or your child got sick. Whatever the reason, you missed your exam.

Most of us may panic. But in reality, it can be fixed.

To reschedule your exam, your best defense is a good offense. Be transparent, stay calm and contact the Office of Test Administration immediately. All assignments and examinations must be completed by the last day of your term, but you do have some options when it comes to rescheduling your test.

Whether you missed a midterm, final or TECEP® exam, here is what to do and keep in mind to ensure that you meet your course deadlines. 

Midterm Exam

Notify the Office of Test Administration at, as well as your mentor; so they are aware of your situation and available to help should any issues arise. 

If you missed an online test appointment with ProctorU, you can take your exam anytime up until the last day of your term. Log into your ProctorU account and select a new test date. If you select a test date more than 72 hours in advance, there is no charge. However, there is a $5 charge to take an exam with less than 72 hours notice, and an $8 charge for the “Take It Now” option. If you chose the pen/paper option, contact your proctor directly to make sure he/she is available for a rescheduled test date.


Final Exam

If you missed your final exam, contact the Office of Test Administration at and notify your mentor. Test administration staff will verify your term end date and explain your options. Most often, you can reschedule and complete your exam by the last day of your term although additional proctor fees and grade penalties may apply. If you cannot take your test until after your term ends, but you have successfully completed all other course work and assignments, you may be eligible for a course extension

You must stick with one test format per course. So if you selected the online option, you will take your midterm and final (if required) through ProctorU. If you submitted a Proctor Request Form, you will take both the midterm and final in the pen/paper format.



If you missed your TECEP® exam and planned to take it through ProctorU, log into your account and select a new test date. You must test by the last day of the 12-week term in which you registered; however, you will be charged for scheduling a new test date less than 72 hours in advance. If you chose the pen and paper method, contact your proctor directly to set up a new appointment that is convenient for you both. Be conscious of your term end date when rescheduling with your proctor, as he/she will not know the deadline or the penalties associated with testing late.

If you fail to test or withdraw from your TECEP® exam by the end of your term, you will receive an NT (Not Taken) grade for the assessment. This grade will not affect your GPA or be reflected on your transcript. To make up your exam after your term ends, you must re-register and pay a new test fee.

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