How to Be a Time Management Ninja


Where do you fit it all in? School? Work? Family? How can you make time for everything you need to do? One way is to be a time ninja.

But what does it mean to be a time ninja? A time ninja sneaks things into the every day moments of life and uses them to their advantage. Being a time ninja involves preparing yourself for battle against your schedule and wasted time. It means thinking ahead, seizing the moment and getting things done.

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17 Common Questions Everyone Has About PLA, Answered

Thousands of students have earned tens of thousands of college credits through prior learning assessment (PLA) by demonstrating college-level knowledge acquired outside the classroom.

So, why not you? As an adult, you may likely have knowledge of one or more subjects for which you wish you could earn college credit toward your degree.

You just have no idea how to do it.

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Are Cover Letters Still Necessary?

Cover letters can be difficult to write and the most annoying part of any job search.

Most employers probably toss them in the trash anyway without ever looking at them, so they’re not even necessary anymore in today’s job search, right?

Not so much. If your goal is to not make it to the interview round, then no, you definitely do not need a cover letter to accompany your resume.

As a hiring manager, I evaluate every cover letter I receive to see if a candidate is serious about pursuing the position I need to fill. A good cover letter can tell me something about you that your resume does not: who you are and why you are the best candidate for the job. 

So, yes, employers definitely do read your cover letter. In fact, it weighs more heavily in the hiring process than you might have thought. 

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What is a Practice Exam and What Can it Do for Me?

You and the University share the same goal: for you to do well on your exams, and thereby your courses.

From blog articles, like this one, for example, to the Testing Resources page and exam study guides to low-stakes formative quizzes, you have a variety of resources to help you better review your course content and do well on your exams.

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The Top 5 Global Forces Affecting Cybersecurity and Cyber Policies Right Now


Cybersecurity is too often thought of in limited terms: a personal computer or a digital system of a single organization. While both are accurate, they comprise just a fraction of the truth. In reality, cybersecurity is a global issue that involves vast networks on an international scale. And so there are a number of global forces that impact the security of these systems.

In our current technological landscape, there are a myriad of cyberspace issues that require further consideration as they continue to grow in size and scope. But only five critical concerns stand out and demand attention - and a solution - before it is too late.

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3 Job Options for RNs Tired of Working the Floor

In a 2011 survey by the American Nurses Association, three out of four nurses cited stress and overwork as a top health concern.

Any nurse knows there is risk of burning out, but how do you know when you’re ready to try something besides direct patient care?

Whenever you reach the point of exhaustion, you remember that you became a nurse because you wanted to help people. You don’t see yourself doing anything else. So if you’re still passionate about nursing, what can you do? Is it possible to remain in the nursing field but still get some sort of reprieve from the fatigue and stress?

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How to Write With Style and Impress Your Mentor

For students, essays are like taxes: they are unavoidable.

Throughout your educational career, you’ve probably had to write more than a few essays. But, although you know the basics of writing a good exam essay - like organization, grammar and focus - there’s a whole other issue to consider that you may not have thought of before:

How can you write in a way that impresses your mentor?

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6 Essential Books Every Adult Learner Should Read Right Now

The start of a new year is always an exciting time to reflect on the previous year and think about the highlights; it is also the perfect opportunity to set new goals as another chapter begins. As an avid reader, I am interested in finding books that either help me to understand a different viewpoint or offer valuable advice I can apply directly to my life. If you are a reader in search of a new title or someone that hasn't read something new in awhile, a new year is the perfect time to consider picking up a good book!

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Where to Find Free Nursing Research Articles and Resources

If you could pick a short phrase that describes the field of nursing, what would it be?

A true calling? Lifelong learning? Or, what did you get yourself into?

Whatever phrase you thought of, chances are ‘guessing game’ is definitely not one of them.

As a professional nurse, you read, interpret and evaluate information every day before you make a single decision or take any step. Whether you do that in a split second or spend hours in collaboration with other health team members, you know it’s because quality patient care is only as good as the existing evidence it comes from. Your role, then, is to identify the best evidence available and use your critical-thinking skills and clinical judgment to direct your practice. Simply put, the more reliable the information you get, the better the patient’s outcome.

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10 Critical Cybersecurity Challenges for 2017 and Beyond

Foursquare. Weebly. Democratic National Committee (DNC). Dyn DNS. The city of Chicago's road signs.

Those are just a handful of the notable cyberattacks that occurred during one week in October 2016.

This past year, the forces affecting cyber have only grown in sophistication, scope and frequency. Not a week goes by in the news cycle where we don't hear about another high-profile cyberattack. Perhaps, we've even become accustomed to such incidents. We brush off these assaults on our digital lives for the sake of what we believe is innovation, productivity and convenience. After all, when was the last time you physically walked into a bank? Or used an app to control some aspect of your home from afar? Today, online banking has become the norm, and our desire to fit the Internet of Things (IoT) into our daily lives has only grown. In 2017, there’s no question that the stakes will be higher than ever.

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