The Ultimate TESU Glossary: 97 Common Terms Explained for Students

Have you ever been confused by a term used at the University? Whether you are finishing your degree or coming to college for the first time, it may feel overwhelming when you don’t understand what is being communicated. After all, terms that may mean one thing at your first college may mean something different at Thomas Edison. 

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Contract Cheating: What It Is and Why You Need to Care

As a college student, there are often times you may feel overwhelmed - whether it's studying for a major exam, researching and editing an engaging discussion forum post or simply balancing school work alongside working a full-time job, raising a family and multiple other responsibilities. It's important to remember that in college - as in life - cheating should never be an option.

In fact, did you know that in New Jersey, submitting a purchased essay, report or other written assignment to fulfill the requirements of a degree or course is punishable by up to a $1,000 penalty?

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How to Use Video Technology in an Online Course to Boost Your Résumé

According to YouTube’s company statistics, almost 3.25 billion hours of video is watched on the platform each month. If this was 1987, imagine how many VHS tapes that would take.

1.26 billion 2-hour tapes, or 11.3 billion pounds of plastic, if you don’t want to do the math. That’s a lot of VHS tapes.

As time presses on, technology changes everything. It improves the way we live and work, and the way we learn. Taking advantage of new technology will help you, as a student, to create an engaging online learning experience, while also helping you to become more familiar and comfortable with new technological advances. Furthermore, learning any new technology can add another skill set to a growing résumé. 

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11 of the Most Common Capstone Course Questions Answered

You already know what a Capstone course is.

You just have no idea what to do about it.

Many students get confused when it comes to the Capstone. Is it a research paper? Not exactly; it is much more than that. Although you are the researcher, the Capstone goes beyond the mere collection of information. Instead, you will demonstrate the skills learned in your undergraduate studies to solve a problem based upon certain assumptions related to your topic. That means you will conduct your own field research and collect primary source data to create a scholarly, academic project that supports an argumentative thesis statement or major question with new work and ideas.

In a nutshell: this is a course unlike any other you have taken.

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How to Register for Your First Online Course [Video Tutorial]

Feel intimidated by the idea of registering for your first college courses? Are you worried about where you’re supposed to go or what you’re supposed to do?

In reality, registering for an online course is much less complicated than you might think because you already did the heavy lifting. You decided which subjects to start with, selected electives that piqued your interest, reviewed which course methods fit your learning style and determined how many courses you plan to take this year. Decision making was the hard part; the course registration process is smooth sailing from here.

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3 Tech Tools for an Engaging Online Learning Experience

Technology has improved our lives in many ways over the years – various gadgets, apps, websites and devices help to make us more efficient and productive at home and in the workplace. This technology also allows us to instantly connect with others across continents in real time, changing the way we communicate. Especially with the rise of social media and popular networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, using this technology has become a way of life. It’s actually hard to remember a time when this kind of software or access to information did not exist.

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How to Answer Multiple-Choice Questions: What Exam Creators Wish You Knew

Picture a writer of multiple-choice exam questions. Who do you see? Someone who cackles with glee when she comes up with a really tricky question? Or maybe Mr. Burns from The Simpsons, muttering “Eeeexcellent” when he sees a question that has no answer?

You’ll be relieved to know that these are not the people who create your course exams. In fact, trick questions can ruin the day of an exam developer; we loathe trick questions and avoid them at all costs. This means that we avoid questions with double negatives, ambiguous meanings, no clear answer, two correct answers when there should be one, overlapping answers and many other problems.

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Introducing TES-100: Take a Sneak Peek at the New Cornerstone Course

Heading back to college after several years can feel overwhelming, if not downright daunting. It may seem as if there is so much more information to review and decisions to be made than ever before.

However, you are not alone, regardless of where you are on your educational path. So as you embark on this new chapter in your life, the University has launched an introductory course aimed at helping you navigate the ins and outs of your college education.

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7 Common Mistakes That Can Seriously Hurt Your GPA

Your GPA (grade point average) is more than just a number; it’s one of the few ways you’re able to assess your progress and learning throughout your college career. But getting the GPA you want, or the GPA you are truly capable of, can be hard. Even though you are the one in control of your education and future, it may not always feel that way. 

Poor grades are often the result of poor habits, not poor intellect. The wrong decisions can hurt your GPA. You already know how to work harder; you just need to learn how to work smarter. With that in mind, avoid these common mistakes to earn a GPA that will truly reflect your genius:

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The Secret to Using a Study Guide to Ace Your Next Exam


There’s no doubt about it:  exams are a challenge. It can be tough to prepare for them, especially when your mentor didn’t create the exam and can’t provide much guidance. Online courses cover a lot of material, so it can be hard to know where to begin when you’re studying.

So if you are working hard and trying your best, how can you eliminate the element of surprise on a test? And get the best grade possible?

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