To Study Aviation or Not to Study Aviation? How to Answer That Question

For as thrilling and dynamic as the aviation industry can appear,it isa lot like manyother industries.

How? Becausemany aviation professionals need a degree to advance professionally at their companies – despite having a wealth of experience. This is certainly true for most of the students I speak to every week.

In fact, one of the biggest concerns for aviation professionals who aredeciding to return to college is whetherthey should major in aviation at all. Afterall, doesn’t a bachelor’s degree help you build your communication, problem-solving and management skills regardless of what degree you choose? The answer to this question depends on yourgoals and career aspirations. Only you know the answer.

So why might you want to - or not want to - study aviation?

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Can Your FAA Certifications Get You College Credit?

It is no secret that the aviation industry is highly competitive. Earning an FAA certification requires years of theoretical application and practical experience, combined with a healthy dose of resolve and determination. But as the field constantly improves and evolves, it has become increasingly important for professionals to gain qualifications above and beyond other applicants.

Whether you have developed a taste for management, training, flight safety or projects, there are a multitude of career paths in the aviation industry. If you want to take advantage of these opportunities, however, your aviation-specific skills and valid certifications are just the beginning. If you have applied years of hard work toward your aviation career, your credentials can earn you college credit and a head start in the competition.

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Ask an Expert: Robert Rockmaker, President and CEO of the Flight School Association of North America

Flight School Association of North America

In honor of National Aviation Day, celebrating famed aviator Orville Wright’s birthday on August 18th, we sat down with Robert Rockmaker, President and CEO of the Flight School Association of North America (FSANA) for a chat about the flight industry, where it’s going and how your aviation career can take off.

Orville Wright would be proud.

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