5 Smart Strategies to Overcome the Fear of Going Back to School

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” – Thomas A. Edison

If several years have passed since your first try at college, it’s natural to feel anxious about going back to school as an adult with more responsibilities and obligations. Or you may remember all too well the pressures and demands you experienced while trying the first time. Whatever your motives for leaving, or hesitation to return, if these fears are the only reasons holding you back from your professional and personal dreams, know that you now have more control to complete your degree on your own terms. You are older, wiser and far more motivated and prepared to return. There is always time and opportunity to try again. After all, it took Thomas Edison 10,000 tries to come up with a commercial light bulb that worked. So if you’re ready to finish what you started, use these 5 strategies to overcome your fears and try just one more time.

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National vs. Regional Accreditation: Why Does it Matter?


Decisions, decisions, decisions. For most people, selecting a college or university is not an easy task. Small or large? Public or private? Traditional classroom or online?

Not all questions about college selection may jump out at you right away. Perhaps the choice between a regionally accredited or a nationally accredited school didn’t come to mind, but it may be one of the most important questions to consider.

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Getting Started With Online Learning: 8 Things New Students Should Do After Time Off

We’ve all been a beginner at some point in our lives. Even if you’ve been married for 20 years, saw your kids off to college and prepared for retirement, you were once a newlywed, new parent or new employee navigating unfamiliar waters.

So when it comes to starting your college career, with technologies you never used and information you don’t remember, it’s understandable that you may feel hesitant and unsure of yourself. But now, this lifestyle change is completely different.

Because, unlike being a new parent, becoming a successful adult learner does come with a guide. There is a place to begin. And it’s right here.

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A Beginner's Guide To Sending College Transcripts

Your transcripts from any other institutions you have attended are critical to your application. They can boost your candidacy for a competitive program, and allow you to transfer college credit that you have already earned and apply it to a new degree program.

The process of sending transcripts may seem confusing, and it may appear as if there’s a lot of effort involved to submit just one. Add the fact that there are many sources from which you can send a variety of transcripts. Whatever the reasons, many students forget, or just don’t bother to properly send one or more of their transcripts.

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5 Fundamental Rules for Transferring College Credit

Transferring credits not only means a shorter time to degree completion, but also less strain on your wallet. But figuring out on your own which credits are transferrable is not always possible. Meanwhile, requesting transcripts from any colleges and universities you previously attended can seem time consuming. At times, it’s hard to keep track of it all. So how can you make the transfer process as simple as possible?

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How the Academic Evaluation Process Works: Everything You Need to Know

metal gears working

You’ve filled out the application, been accepted and forwarded your transcripts to the University.

And now, you wait to see what transferred.

But why do you have to wait at all?

Since your evaluation is designed as a roadmap to degree completion, it is an ever-evolving review of credits that shows you what requirements have been fulfilled or still remain to complete your degree. So while your evaluation is not an official transcript, it documents your entire degree program.

So from the moment the Office of the Registrar receives your transcripts, your personalized Academic Evaluation has a long journey to confirm your credits before it posts to your Online Student Services account.

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5 Things Productive Students Do Every Day - Even When Life Gets Stressful

large stack of do papers next to a small pile of done
Chances are you're reading this article for one of two reasons:
A. You’re procrastinating.
B. You’re genuinely interested in becoming more productive.
Whatever your reason, you probably feel as if there's never enough time for everything. Instead, you are left feeling overwhelmed, stressed and anxious.
So when we see those students that always seem to “just get it done,” we can’t help but be envious. Even under tremendous pressure, they remain efficient, motivated and productive. What's their secret?

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College vs. University: What's the Difference?

Higher education options for adult learners often include both colleges and universities, and differentiating and judging them can be difficult.

In the United States, colleges and universities are often discussed interchangeably with little to no realization of the difference between them. In fact, you'll likely consider yourself a 'college student' no matter which type of institution you attend. Even though this usage is perfectly acceptable, it's important to note that colleges and universities have several differences that could affect which type of school you choose.

So what is the real difference between a college and a university?

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Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science: What's the Difference?

Every day we are faced with a multitude of choices:

Turn left or right?

Soup or salad?

Early bedtime or one more TV show?

If you are planning to go back to college, there are even more things to consider. Between tuition plans, course schedules and areas of study, the answers may or may not be that easy. But perhaps one of the most common choices you will make is if you should choose a bachelor of arts (BA) degree or a bachelor of science (BS) degree.

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3 Secrets to Pursuing a New Career

Whether your career has left you bored, stagnant or burnt out, it's not too late to press the restart button.

Of course, switching careers isn’t without its own unique set of challenges. From financial concerns to family responsibilities, it makes sense why most people are hesitant to make such a change midlife.

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